21 Vastu tips for students

21 Vastu tips for students.  Vastu is a science of direction it is essential to all  especially for students. Vastu helps students to achieve higher goals in their studies time. You may  labour  hard for good results but it the results that come out may not be satisfactory. There are some  certain Vastu tips for students that will help for good results, improve concentration and memory power.


Vastu tips for students

21 Vastu tips for students to improve concentration and memory power.

  1. The room you choose for study should be in the east, north or the North-East direction of the house-this improves the absorbing power and increases the knowledge of content do not let you feel tired..North and East  direction makes you feel energetic so always try to choose study room in north or east direction when you study.
  2. The door of the study room should also be in east or north direction.
  3. A study room should not be below the toilet or under a beam, stair.
  4. Ensure that there is no reflection of mirrors on the books at the time of study. This may in turn increase the pressure of study on your kids.
  5. Ensure that your child’s head is in the South direction to sustain the steadiness of the body and the earth.
  6. Sunlight or natural light is a must while studying. Ensure that the shadow of the child who is studying is not falling on the  books.
  7. While studying, sit and learn in the East as it improves concentration.
  8. Avoid using things that are obstacles for concentration like pillars, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc.
  9. Tables to be used for study should be in regular shapes like square, rectangle. Other shapes create confusion and do not let the concentration to be stable. Corners of the table should not be cut and sharp edge.
  10. Place the study table facing East or North to ensure that while studying the child is facing either of these directions.
  11. Make sure that the study table is neat and clean. It should not be cluttered with too many books loaded on it.
  12. Make sure that the study table is not against the wall.
  13. Place a Saraswati Yantra near child’s bedside or study table. This will improve positive energy in them.
  14. Bookshelves should not be placed on the sides or above the study table.
  15. The room in which your children study should be bright and well lit. If the room is dingy and dimly lit it may slow down your child’s education.
  16. According to Vastu students should be use study lamp. It improves  concentration on studies.
  17. An open space in front is essential as it inspires new ideas and approaches in a child.
  18. To give inspiration to the child to study, the picture of a galloping horse, a rising Sun, goddess of knowledge Saraswati, Gayandev Ganesh is helpful
  19. You can even keep the certificates or display trophies etc. bagged by the child on the South wall.
  20.  Always use Satwik( light) color  like white, yellow  Green, Orange this will enhance the memory and concentration aspects. Never use black color.
  21. Always keep globe on the study table and try to move it. Never keep mirror on the table.

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Vastu tips for students

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