Foreign Education in Astrology

In that time every meritorious students has at least one dream to get foreign education but they are not sure about their dream. Will I go abroad for education or not If yes then when and in which country. Many students come and ask me sir can I go to abroad for education? If astrologically yes then I will try for that. Horoscope indicates everything but depend on person what they wants. When  native asked question about foreign education then astrologer find out the promise of abroad study is present or not in the native horoscope. There are many planetary combinations become in horoscope like 5th lord in 12th house or 12th lord is in 5th house indicate overseas study of the native. You will go abroad for which type of education like research oriented education, technical or non technical education etc. astrologer can find out with detail analysis of your horoscope/kundali.


Foreign Education

Houses for Foreign Education/ /Abroad Education/ Overseas Education  

As the classical text and commentary mention a few scattered planetary combinations in this respect, the area need to be looked into the new dimensions. According to Astrology, planetary combinations for foreign education are studied from 2nd, 4rth, 4rth, 5th, 8th, 12th houses and travel or settlement studies from 3rd , 4rth,7th, 9th, or 12th houses of the horoscope. Every house indicates various subjects like 2nd house (primary education) 4rth house (secondary education) 5th house (college education) 8th house (Research) 9th house (higher education) 12th house signify foreign land. 3rd house is short traveling house and it is also 12th from 4rth house. 4rth being the house of home in birth place. 7th house is house of journey, and foreign settlement. 8th the house of change, 9th is the house of long journey and fate, 12th house is foreign land house. If all houses or houses lord makes relation with each other it means the person desire will fulfill. 4rth house is most important house for foreign education, travel and settlement in abroad.

Promise and timing of Education in Abroad

If the signifies house are connected to each other like 4rth lord (home and secondary education) and 12th lord(foreign house) with 5th lord (education) it means the native will travel abroad for foreign education and permanent settlement there. If 5th, 9th and 12th house are connected each other than native will sure go abroad for education or lecture. When the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses or there is connection of Dashas Lord with above said signifying house there may become foreign travel for education purpose. Even the transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rah from these houses facilitates overseas tours. Double go-char of Saturn and Jupiter on foreign house will give auspicious result.

Some important parameter for Overseas Study

  1. If 4rth house is afflicted by malefic planet or 4rth Lord is placed in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house and any how 2nd 5th  or 9th house or lord are also connected with  in their horoscope the native will leave his native place for foreign education and settlement in foreign land.
  2. Malefic affliction on 4rth house and Lord of 4rth house from Lagna chart, Moon chart and Pada Lagna also.
  3. Connection of Rahu and ketu with 4rth house and 4rth Lord from both ascendant.
  4. Rah and ketu axis is in 12th house from both ascendant.
  5. Rah / ketu axis is in 12th house from Pada Lagna also and connection with 4rth house and lord from pada lagna.
  6. Moon itself placed in Kendra, cancer or Pisces sign, exalted or own house in 8th, 9th or 12th house, or trikon especially in 9th house abroad education and travel is sure.
  7. 4rth lord placed in 12th
  8. Ketu placed in 12th house of foreign land.
  9. 9th Lord placed in 12th house It means higher education from abroad so person will go overseas education. Dispositor of Moon must connect with 9th house or 9th Lord, 12th house or 12th
  10. Movable sign in Kendra and Moon must place there.
  11. Any connection with 5th house or Lord to 12th house or Lord the person will go to foreign country for the purpose of studies. If 10th Lord is also connected with than the native will studies abroad and do job also.
  12. If 2nd lord in 12th house or 2nd lord connected with foreign settlement significator house or planets it means the person will go abroad for primary education.
The aforesaid astrological factors for foreign education are illustrated in this chart:      
Date of Birth 14-11-1889, Time of Birth 23:03 Hrs, Place of Birth: – Allahabad, India.

Foreign Education

This is the horoscope of the pundit Jawaharlal Lal Nehru. He is born under cancer rising sign with Moon. According to the rule of astrology 4th & 5th house are most important house for foreign education here.  4th house (house of Education) lord Venus is in the fourth house with twelfth house (house for Foreign Land) Lord Mercury indicate foreign education. In this combination fourth house lord Venus is in the 4rth house (own Sign) due to this reason Nehru has gone abroad for education after that he came back home land India. 4th house and its lord afflicted by two malefic planets Sat and Rah both planets aspect to 4th house and Lord. So it is very clear indication for foreign travel because here Malefic planets and malefic house (6, 8 &12) Lord are related by aspect and conjunct with 4th house and Lord. Ascendant lord Moon is in 12th lord Mercury Nakshtra and 5th lord Mars is in 3td house of short journey and also aspect to 9th lord and 9th house so it is clear that almost all significant planets connected with each other due to this reason he has gone to foreign/abroad for education.

Abroad travel and settlement 



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    1. Is there any career in astrology in future?

      • write your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth first

        • Amanpreet singh says:

          Hello sir i am Amanpreet singh bedi my date of birth 17/08/1986 so in which time i am going to abrod settle pls tell

    2. Sir pls tell me. Will I go to abroad for study? My d.o.b is 22.11.1988
      T.o.b 11:55 pm
      P.o.b Ferozepur cantt punjab.

      • According to your horoscope no strong yoga available but according to bhav equal horoscope some yoga is available so you should try for abroad studies for detail get professional appointment .

    3. Will i go for education and settle(get job and house) permanently or
      I can go through job for temporary/permanent time
      Dob 7mar87
      Tob 10:52am,DELHI

      • According to your horoscope no strong combination for foreign education but higher education can be possible.

        • Charmy Shah says:

          My Name is Charmy R. Shah
          My birth place – Vadodara
          Birth time- 9:36am
          My question is- sir recently i have completed my Bachelor Studies. Now i want to do masters . I want to know that how many percent chances is that i can get foreign education in this present year & in next year.
          Please do reply

    4. DOB : 07/05/1988
      Place : Umrer Nagpur Maharastra
      Time Between 1-1.30

      Any chance for foreign studies ??

    5. Hi,
      D.o.B is july 6th, 1991
      Time : 14:00
      Place: Biratnagar, Nepal
      Any chance of foreign studies in 2016 ?

    6. sulochana says:

      Namaste guru Ji
      Namaskar guru ji

      My name is arti. Dob- 2045/7/25 at 1:35 am Thursday at kathmandu.
      Guru Ji which year I can move to foreign country ?

      Pranam. Regards

    7. sulochana says:

      Guru Ji pranam
      My dob – 1988/ Nov / 10 Thursday at 1:35 am/ b.s date -2045/7/25 at kathmandu.
      Which year I can go to foreign land/ Country ?

      Thank u

      • shelly grover says:

        hello sir, my name is shelly I want to apply for my higher studies this year.can u please guide date of birth is 26/08/1992time of birth is 1.45 of birth is new delhi.
        kindly guide me..I am waiting for your reply..

    8. maxer lily says:

      I want to study abroad. What should I do for best?

      Dob 1996-12-14
      Time 9:45 pm
      dolakha nepal

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    10. Jue Jue Wai Hin Thaw says:

      Sir..Please tell me will my wish to study abroad (undergraduate degree)fufill ? I apply for 2016 fall term.My financial ability to study in the USA is weak that why I worry.
      My dob =23,Dec,1996
      My Tob=10:30 pm
      My Pob =Pyay, Myanmar

    11. gaurav arora says:

      Sir pls tell me. Will I go to abroad for study and settlement? My d.o.b is 20 march 1993
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      Place- Delhi

    12. saikrishna T says:

      i want to know only one thing is there any possibility of me to go abroad my date of birth 20/03/1991 time 7:40pm

      • saikrishna T says:

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        i want to know only one thing is there any possibility of me to go abroad my date of birth 20/03/1991 time 7:40pm location Warangal

    13. According to your horoscope you are Gemini Ascendant and Taurus Sign you should try for abroad settlement .

    14. Shylajapriya says:


      I have a dilemma in life,Should i try for migration abroad or be in my home country itself,which will be more beneficial to me?
      DOB:19/12/1983; 09.45AM, Calicut, India..Please Advise,Thanks

    15. Sir,
      My D.O.B is 6th June(6) 1992 at 0540 Morning, Saturday in vijayawada, andhra pradesh.

      do i have chance of foreign education for higher studies.

      i look forward for your reply.

      Thank you.

    16. Manish Sharma says:

      DOB = 19-06-1985
      TIME= 23:17

      • Manish Sharma says:

        Want to know when I will go to America ( to be specific ) for education especially PHD in electronic engineering ,
        I am determined to go ..

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    18. Hi sir plz help me
      I want to go nz for study but recently i hot rejection…
      Is thr any chance for me to study abroad..??
      I am so cofused boz my all future is depent on that now dont knoe what to do plzhelp me sir
      Name – vishankkumar sureshchandra panchal
      Birthdate – 29/09/1991
      Place – pavi jetpur
      Time 10:10 am

    19. Charmi Dedhia says:

      Hello Sir, This is Charmi
      I am so glad I found you and that you are helping people.
      I am very anxious since last 2-3 months, as I have applied abroad for studies and haven’t heard from them yet.
      My details are as follows,
      Birthdate: 14 June 1993,
      Time: 11 AM,
      Birthplace: Mumbai.

      Sun in Xth House (Gemini)
      Moon in VIIIth house (Aries)
      Mercury in XIth house (Cancer)
      Venus in IXth house (Taurus)
      Mars in XIIth house (Leo)
      Jupiter in I (Libra)
      Saturn in VI (Pisces)
      Uranus in V (Capricorn)
      Neptune in V (Capricorn)
      House VI in Aquarius
      House IV in Sagittarius

      When can I expect to fly broad?
      I appreciate your time and efforts.
      Thank you very much in advance

    20. Do i have any chance of foreign degree ? Will i complete my education on foreign land?
      Dob 16 oct 1993
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      • dear shreyasi
        According to horoscope you should try for foreign education. Break in education is also possible.

    21. anonymous says:

      Will I be able to go for higher studies, to USA? Name: Shubhra Garg, DOB: 04/02/1988 , Time of birth: 10:40 pm, Place of birth : jaipur, rajasthan,

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    56. Place of birth – Hassan

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    60. something positive about abroad settlement

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      hello sir
      I am Prabjot singh Multani
      my DOB 20-05-92
      23:53 eving
      nagpur maharashtra
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    66. amanjot kaur says:

      Sir. My dob is 25.08.1986 time 5.55am place ropar
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    67. priyakumar says:

      Does my kundali has yogas for abroad study?? If yes ,then at what age?dob :20/11/1995 time-3:59 am

    68. Sir i want to know that will i would be able to go United Kingdom in the year 2017 for studies
      D.o.B 30/9/1998
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      Date of birth -3 July 1992
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      Thank you .

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      I want to know that. I want to do phd i just want to ask whether i do my phd from foreign or india? or any obstacle come in my way. THANK YOU. Sir Plz reply.

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