How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles

How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles. Astrology can help through strotra, mantra, gemstone etc.  In the  Valmiki  Ramayan  you  must  have read  about Agastya Muni asking lord Rama to worship God Sun before embarking on  the  great  Lanka.  Its  is  known  as  musical  part  of  Aditya  Hridayam  Strotra. The Strotra  has different versions, but only 12 are popularized. These 12 stanzas are the transits into twelve Sign ( from Aries to Pisces) in the every year.


I have been advising these  Strotras to many people for past  few years and these have given very  beneficial and effective results to them. Rrecitation of these twelve stotras is very good for health. Even it is very effective for al kinds of heart and eye trouble.

Why Aditya Hridayam  Strotra are effective for Health, troubles?

Sun is the significator of  soul (Atma), Health, Heart and Eyes. So if Sun is placed in malefic house or sign in your horoscope then you should apply Aditya Hridayam Strotra to get rid off aforesaid troubles. Effective result depends upon the time you invest and depth of devotion in chanting of these stotras. For knowing twelve stotras you can read our next post about Soorya Stuti.

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