Mental disorders and Remedies in Astrology

Mental disorders and Remedies in Astrology . The Mental disorders are depends on the strength of planets Moon, Mercury and Sun in the horoscope of native  because these planets signify Mind, Brain and Soul gradually.


The  mental strength and emotion of  any person depend on the situation of Moon in the horoscope. Moon is the planet of mind. Mercury is a planet of  brain. It is very important to know the actual situation of both planet in horoscope.

which planets responsible for Mental disorders

Moon and Mercury both are weak in your horoscope the native will sure suffer from mental problem in the Mahadasha or anterdasha of related planets. if Moon and Mercury is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th, house  or aspect or association with malefic planets or debilitated in any house  then  we can say that  the native is suffering from mentally problem.

Moon and Mercury are strong in the horoscope indicate strong mental personality of the person. The strong Moon and Mercury indicate native’s personal development of the brain also.  The Imaginative area of brain represent by Moon. Mercury represents nervous system and brain nerve function. If both are afflicted than the native suffer from nervousness, depression and restlessness etc.

Mental disorders

It is also important that the situation of the both planet in the horoscope of new born child. If any affliction or bad planetary influence then the astrologer should suggest appropriate remedial measures to strength the weak planets. The brain is the part of the body which provides use of mental capabilities like understanding, intelligence, analytic power, discrimination, problem solving skills, innovating techniques etc. It  is very clear that the brain is the most important part of the body.

Astrology has described some specific reason for Mental disordered is that the first house and sign Aries, in the Zodiac. These house and sign  represent the brain. The power of understanding is governed by the strength of Moon, third house (house of unconscious mind) and fourth house. The power of analysis and discrimination is depend on the strength of the planet Mercury. The intelligence of the native in horoscope, governed by the 5th house and  Sun.

If  Moon, Sun and Mercury are weak afflicted and/or associated with malefic planets they indicate weak and deficient mental development. I have provided following parameters on the basis of self experience and classical principles.

Astrological Parameter for Mental disorders

  1. Affliction on Lagan, Moon Lagan and sun Lagan by aspects, association of malefic planets like Mars, Saturn and Rah, ketu.
  2. Affliction of Lagan Lord, Moon and Sun sign Lord.
  3. Moon and Mercury are to be afflicted by Mars, Saturn, or Rah-ketu.
  4. Lagan Lord, 3rd and 5th Lord to be in 6th,8th,or 12th house or 6th,8th,and 12th Lord in lagan, 3rd, or 5th house and also afflicted by malefic planets.
  5. Debiliated or nearer to Amavasya Moon in 8th house with Rah.
  6. Heavy affliction on Mercury sufficient to give result.
  7. Implement on D9 chart also.

Horoscope of mentally disorder person.

Date of birth :- 6/9/1988, Time of Birth:- 4:10 hrs, Place of Birth :- Delhi


Mental disorders



Above horoscope Lagan Lord Moon placed in 12th house and aspect by malefic planet Mars and also aspect by 8th Lord, malefic planets Saturn. It is clear that Moon is heavily afflicted. Mercury is in 3rd house and aspect by Mars and Saturn both planets are natural malefic and house vise also. Sun is in the 2nd house with Rah ketu axis.

D9 chart Moon is associated with Saturn and Rah ketu axis in 3rd house.

Remedies for mentally disorder person

  1. Make the Lagan Lord strong by wearing gems or worshiping.
  2. Do worship of Lagan Lord and his/her related God.
  3. Wear Moon Yantra.
  4. Donate silver Elephant.
  5. Do worship of malefic planet.

Mental disorders

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    12 thoughts on “Mental disorders and Remedies in Astrology

    1. Swapnil bhoyar says:

      I have a similar problem being mercury sun in 12 house n moon in 6 house. My don 17 aug 81, 8.26 am, nagpur. Plz suggest.

    2. jatinder kumar says:

      I am under depression mood swing sadness hopelessness and very angry….from 2007 I took treatment but it’s relaxe me for some time…I took alopathy medicine…very disappointed want death …dob 16 06 1987 time early morning 3.47am 17 june ki subh…samrala punjab

    3. suman sing says:

      jatinder i think your chart not like to be a mentally ill chart but why you are going through these problem i can’t understand , there is good potentiolity in your chart.please take suggestion from good astrologer

    4. bharani kannan says:

      Hi I am bharani. I have mental problems. I was born in chennai. Tamil nadu. 18/05/1985. Saturday. Evening 4.30 pm. I have examined my chart. Both moon and mercury are together in 7th house aries. Mesha rasi. Along with rahu. Ketu is in lagna. Libra or tula rashi. I am facing lot of problems. Jupiter is debalitated in fourth house. Makara rashi. Please suggest some remedy.

    5. My dob 02 may 1974, tine 1.45 pm new Delhi. Facing marital problem due to this feeling depressed most of the time. Sometimes I feel better but at other times I feel like my marriage is doomed and there is no purpose in life. Pls suggest.

    6. Rajanikanth says:

      Hello sir my wife Saikala date of birth 29/07/1989, now suffering with mental problem. Please let me know the remedies to reduce my wife mental problems..

    7. Dear sir, my baby was born on 14/08/15 at 5.06am. She was having seizures and was diagnosed with west syndrome in march. Luckily she recoverd since may 2016 but has terrible development delay. Can’t hold her head steady yet and doesnt recognise me, which is heartbreaking. Please let me know her scope for a normal life. Thanks to all who cares to reply.

    8. When my second issue when n how my periods will correct

    9. priyanka gupta says:

      I am always 8n tension regarding my studies and i dont do enough labour for studies please give me some advices so that i can study hard atleast 10 hours a day

    10. Hello my name is Anchal and date of birth is .4.11.1986 10.2 pm MAi most of the depress Rehti Aur mood swings or depression rehte

    11. Hello I am Soniya Bhatt my date of birth is 29 Nov 1984 , i was having a little stomach problems but now getting cured day by day but still mentally i am not fit , i always feel that i have some breathing problems although there is nothing , feel like in stress some times due to this accoridng to doctor its just an acidity problem but still my mind is not accepting it and i cant enjoy my life due to this , please provide possible solution.

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