Mercury Transit Sign Date and Day 2018 | Budh Gochar 2018

Mercury Transit Sign Date and Day 2018 | Budh Gochar 2018. According to Indian mythology, Mercury represents intellect and education in birth chart. There are two sign of Mercury Gemini and Virgo in Astrology .The relationship between the two zodiacs is between four and tenth. The planets Sun and Venus are the friends of the Mercury. Moon is their enemies. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in the form of neutral planet for Mercury. Mars is debilitated in Pisces and exalted in Virgo sign.


If auspicious Mercury is situated in the own zodiac sign, exalted or in the triangle in horoscope then such a person will definitely enjoy all the pleasures in his life journey especially in education path. Such person becomes a scholar with logical intelligence. He does job very efficiently. Before working, he certainly introduces his intelligence skills. He will receive honor and achievement in society and their family.

Significator of Mercury

Mercury is the significator of intellect, education, teaching, mathematics, speech, reasoning, astrology, writing, publishing, theater, accountant, business, business, textile business etc. Mercury has authority over the nervous system, brain, gland, skin, neck, tongue, intelligence etc.

When Mercury give Auspicious Result 

If Mercury is the lord of inauspicious house and placed in the Kendra or triangle then it will produce bad result but if it is lord of auspicious house and placed in Kendra or triangle then produce auspicious result in their transit time. Supposed that you’re a Capricorn ascendant and Mercury placed in the 9th house and in the transit period Mercury also transit in 4th house then the native will get very good job.

Mercury Transit Sign, Date and Day 2018

Transit Planet 





Transit Starting



Transit  Ending 






MercurySagittarius06 Jan 201828 Jan 2018Saturday
MercuryCapricorn28 Jan 201815 Feb 2018Sunday
MercuryAquarius15 Feb 201803 March 2018Thursday
MercuryPisces03 March 201808 May 2018Saturday
MercuryAries09 May 201827 May 2018Wednesday
MercuryTaurus27 May 201810 June 2018Sunday
MercuryGemini10 June 201825 June 2018Sunday
MercuryCancer25 June 201802 Sep 2018Monday
MercuryLeo02 Sep 201819 Sep 2018Sunday
MercuryVirgo19 Sep 201806 Oct  2018Wednesday
MercuryLibra06 Oct  201827 Oct  2018Saturday
MercuryScorpio26 Oct  201801 January  2019Friday


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