Planetary combination for job

The planetary combination for job depend on individual horoscopes. Every peoples wants to know when I will get job. Astrologers are able to predicts in advance on the basis of your birth particulars but correct birth detail is very necessary for accurate prediction. while judging a horoscope to find out job opportunity for the native, each and every planet has to be scrutinized with their placement in particular sign and house, planet is exalted or debilitated, aspect on related house etc has to judged very meticulously.



Which House is Responsible for Job?

According to dictum of astrology house 1st.  2nd, 6th, and 10th are responsible for job or profession. The house second, sixth and tenth  are  triangular (trikone) from each other.

Second house

Second house indicates receipt of money; it may be by any means, by drawing salary, by borrowing, by selling anything etc. This is the house of wealth or kuber.

Sixth house

Sixth house denotes service and getting money by loan or loan repaid by one who borrowed or by receiving one’s dues due to service rendered to another.

Tenth house  

The 10th house is the house of Karma, in every individual horoscopes. The astrologer predict for profession of the native on the basis of the sign of tenth house, lord of 10th house and planets placed in this house. In fact 10th house signifies all careers related questions. It is always seen that people, when go through the phase of 10th house in their own horoscope get assignment. But, any planet can offer job opportunity, provided it is being influenced by the planet responsible for functioning of the 10th house of a native horoscope.

Some important astrological parameter for Job

If the lord of 10th house placed in Kendra or trikon or has any connection with the lord of ascendant the individual will get job according to own desire.

Any PRIVARTAN YOGA between 10th house lord and ascendant or 5th lord or 9th lord is considered very auspicious for getting job.

If the lord of tenth house is exalted or placed in friend house or aspect to tenth house the person get job in the dasha and Antardasha of particular planet.

 Lord of tenth house connected with 9th house or Lord of ninth house join with 10th house and house lord through aspect, or conjunction.

 Timing of getting job

Timing of getting job is most important part for native because everyone wants to know what timing is for join of service. Following point must be considered before calculation for timing of service.

  1. Dasha of planet which is connected with 10th
  2. Dasha of Planets placed in tenth house.
  3. Transist of planet which is connected with 10th house and 10th
  4. Transist of Saturn and Jupiter.
The aforesaid astrological factors for job are illustrated in this chart:-
Date of Birth:- 14-6-1970, Time of birth:- 2:10 AM, place:- Patna, Bihar  


Now see in this horoscope 10th lord Saturn is debilitated but placed in Lagna. Lord of tenth house Saturn aspect 10th house and Ascendant Mars. Saturn is also aspect to 9th lord Jup. Ascendant Mars is placed in 3rd house and aspect fortune house (Bhagysthan) and also aspect to 10th house (house of profession). These all planetary combination is good for best job. The native get first service in the Mahadasha of Rah and antardasha of Mars. The native get second job in Mahadasha of Jup in Antardasha of Saturn.



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    107 thoughts on “Planetary combination for job

    1. Kaushik Sinha says:

      Hello Deepak Sir,

      Thank you very much for your help . You have correctly said that now a days I am thinking too much about my promotion because last year in 2014 I also appeared for Promotion but didn’t get. This is my second appearance.

      Could you please tell me whether I have any chance for getting promotion this year in my current job?

      Thanks and regards,
      Kaushik Sinha

    2. Do I get better job and pay? Do I get chance to travel foreign country for job?

      DOB 27th Jan 1987

    3. Arindam Ghosh says:

      Hello Sir,

      My name is Arindam Ghosh. I wanted to know few things about my career & profession
      DOB: 17.09.1984 Time: 5.17 am
      DOP: Calcutta
      Sex: Male

      When I’ll get my next change in my career as I’m doing job in the same company from last 3 years & from last one year I’m trying to change my current job for better prospective & growth in all aspects, but somehow things are not falling in place.
      My current location of work is Vadodara (Gujarat)& in future before getting married either I want to move to my Home town or any metro cities or abroad. So any kind of prospects is there to get a well paid job or secure future in foreign land or home town. Even how successful person I’ll be in terms of wealth, prosperity & property.

      • Dear arindam
        You are about to join Jupiter mahadasha from July 16 this period will definitely give you a transfer at one of your preferred locations but this period may be a matter of worrying also at home levels but would be a fortunate period at work.

    4. DoB 19 – 6 – 1985
      Time – 8:00 pm
      Place – Chandigarh

      Sir when will I get a new job. I have appeared for interviews but no luck so far. Pls help.


    5. Gaurav Tiwari says:

      Greeting Sir,

      I just have a quick question for you while reading a chart for job/profession. Do you just look at Lagna chart and Navamsa (D-9) or does one need to consider D-10 as well ? And if yes which one amongst the divisional chart should I place more importance on ? Thank You for your reply.

    6. Gaurav Tiwari says:

      Greeting Sir,

      Not sure if this comment has been posted. I just have a quick question for you while reading a chart for job/profession. Do you just look at Lagna chart and Navamsa (D-9) or does one need to consider D-10 as well ? And if yes which one amongst the divisional chart should I place more importance on ? Thank You for your reply.

    7. Hello Sir, i will be ever grateful if you can tell me when i will get a job in 2016? Name ; Rajiv , DOB: 14th Oct 1985, Time : 21:00 PM, Place: Bangalore

    8. Amit Jangid says:

      Hello Sir, My DOB 28-9-1976 Time 03:15:00 am Place : Bikaner Rajsthan. Please Tell me aboutJob changes in near about future .

    9. Hello Sir,
      I’m feeling my life has stopped. Not getting a good job since last four years after I quit my last job.Even after getting interview calls from good companies not getting positive reply.Also not getting good marriage proposals.Pls guide with remedies.
      Details: DOB: 19-04-82
      Place of birth: Avadi(Chennai)
      Time of birth: 06:39am(not exact)

    10. Utkal Tripathy says:

      I got placed in an it company,but due to some problems joining wasn’t assigned.I have been giving competitive exams for last 8 months but no solid results have come yet.
      Date : 13 Sept,1993
      Time: 1:10AM
      Place: Sarnath(UP)

    11. Nibedita Jena says:

      Hello sir,my DOB is January 4 1995,time is 3:45 a.m and birthplace is chikitigarh,Orissa,sex- female.When will I get desired job? Thanks

    12. Name -amit kumar pal
      Time-12.10 pm
      Place-kanpur u.p
      Trying very hard to get a government job but everytime i miss the cutoff by 0.25 -2 marks
      Can u plz tell me how much i have to struggle ??
      I have to support my familly .

    13. Shubham shukla says:

      hello Sir,

      My DOB 10-09-1993
      Time: 08:08:08 AM
      Place : Banswara (Rajesthan)
      Sir i want to know what is job scop for me?
      which sector, which profile

      Please! Please! Please! Please!

    14. Hello sir. My husband left the job in jan. 2016. Looking for new job but not even getting a single call. Problems from everywhere I mean social and mental, economical. When he will get job new job ? Birth date 1st July 1978, time : 19:20 , place – Eluru – AP – India. Pls help . Thank u

    15. DOB : 24-07-73 Time of birth; 1.20 am
      place; chennai
      when will i start working. I have a 10 years break from work

    16. Hello Sir,

      I’m feeling not well regarding my profession.I need to change asap but job connection is not happening.I am getting calls but it is not moving anymore.Please help me out.

      DOB: 19-07-1981
      Place of birth: Kalyani (West Bengal)
      Time of birth: 03:07 PM

    17. Swetang dwivedi says:

      Sir intentionally or unintentionally my place of living changes frequently causing me loss. I live on rent in gurgaon. Can u tell me some measures. Dob_ 27031988 03:20 am gorakhpur u.p is my birthplace

    18. Hello sir. My husband resigned. From his job in jan 2016 after that searching for job but not getting a interview call also. When he will get job? Problems from everywhere since from last five months . Dob – 1st July 1978. Time- 19:20. Place- Eluru / AP/ India.

    19. ABHIJIT ROY says:

      Name – Abhijit Roy,dob-17/12/1985,gender-male,
      time-13:05hrs(01:05 p.m.),place – Krishnanagar,West Bengal. I am facing problems with my career. From last March,2016 I am jobless? When can I be able to get a permanent job?

    20. Hello sir
      My name is vasu sharma
      DOB : 30 may 1995 , 11.20 am
      Mathura, uttar pradesh
      Sir i want to know in which field will i get success
      Will i get a govt job
      And when will i get it
      Plzzz tell me asap

    21. DEBASHIS KHAWAS says:

      First of all please accept my millions of Pranam.
      It has seen that from year 2014 my career graph comes down in descending order and finally I’ve lost my job in November 2015.
      What actually happens I can’t understand, this may be due to my wrong decision for immediate changing of job places/organizations.
      However, I want to know shall I get good job very soon in next couple of months and whether it is in same organization where I was in
      last time or any other organization ? If I get job very soon then what about my next career graph ?
      Hereunder I’m furnishing my details–
      Name– Debashis Khawas
      DOB– 08/11/1958
      TOB– 11/30 PM
      Place of birth– Jamshedpur/Jharkhand
      Presently residing at Rourkela/Orissa.
      Contact no– 09438113802
      With kind regards,
      Debashis Khawas

    22. sir,
      till now i have perceived Msc in Biotechnology but due to less opportunities i am thinking to switch my field to IT sector software development(Engineering) will it be success for me? when will i get job? will the initial salary be good?
      Time- 11:25pm

    23. praaidh ray says:

      When i got a govt job. What my wealth.
      Dob- 01/12/1991
      Place- Bhawanipatna odisha india
      Time – 07:05 am
      Rahu mahadasha and ketu antar dasha ia continuing ..

    24. When will I get a govt job? DOB- 7th September 1988,birth time- 01:04 am,birth place -contai,west bengal

    25. My Date of birth is 22/08/1983 . Time 8:15 Pm ,Place of Birth Baramulla (Kashmir) .
      I Want to know when there is be my place change of job currently i am located in Mumbai and want to move to north India and how that will happen.

    26. Mukul Asthana says:

      My DOB is 8th August 1977 time 1:10AM place-Orai (UP). Wearing blue sapphire and blue zircon..

      When I can expect a decent job change and in which direction….. Lasone is prity tough…

    27. Can you tell me if I’ll be getting a new job soon? Interviewing! Thank you so much!

      07/30/1969 Time: 7:16 am EST Manchester, NH

    28. ankit sharma says:

      Name ankit sharma
      Dob 11-11-1990
      Time 9.30 pm
      Place jaipur rajasthan
      When will i get a job..????
      Waiting 4 ur reply…..
      Thank you

    29. Nareshkumar Shetti says:

      My name Nareshkumar.dob is 27-aug-1990 in solapur Maharashtra at7-45pm.please I want to know about my planetary position and is there any chance going abroad.

    30. Sonalini dwivedi says:

      Sir my d.o.b is 12 _11 _1992
      time 12:30pm place village tikri,kuthond (u.p)..i want to ask about my future as well as my JOB.

    31. VISHNU RAJ says:

      Hello Sir, I am Vishnuraj ( Mtech Mech). Plz let me know I will get government job or foreign job?. dob 9th November 1992 time of birth 1430 hrs. place of birth HARIPAD

    32. hi
      my date of birth is 12/08/1988
      time 21:22 hrs
      when will i get goverment job??

    33. Binata Nag says:

      Hello sir,
      I am Binata nag from odisha. My dob 14-12-1978,place-sambalpur,time-2.15pm,when i will get marry and will settle in abroad? In which field i will get success.
      With kind regards
      Binata Nag.

    34. My name is Anand dob is 12-11-1975 birth time 5:15am and place this time i m jobless when will i get new job

    35. Srinishaa says:

      Namastey sir,
      My name is Srinishaa my dob is 8/8/1994 and m a graduate with score academics!! Sir m suffering allot on life and want to know when will I join the job and how will my career be in terms of success and wealth pleAse help my birth details are

    36. im a Male, Date of birth 02nd Aug 1974 @ 9.15 am at Ambarnath, Dist.Thane , Maharashtra. INDIA
      im currently going thru very difficult financial situation. In 2014 I left good job and started business, its not doing well and lost my all savings. now not able to decide further. pls guide me in this difficult situation, as im not able to run the home now a days.

    37. Hello Sir,

      Please tell me about when I will get a new job. I have been trying since past 6 months with no success. It is very important for me to get a new job as I am single parent.

      WIll I need to reloacate from present location.

      place of brth: Kasganj,
      Date of Birth : 24.05.1972
      Time of birth: 9.00 am

    38. Sir my name is Ankush. Dob 3/10/1990 time 13:13 place patiala(Punjab). Sir when is there a chance of getting a govt job

    39. Vaibhav Verma says:

      Hello Sir,

      My name is Vaibhav and currently I am doing MBA from UK. I have to find a job before January 2017 in order to stay more in UK. I am struggling in finding a job.

      Kindly let me know if I’ll be able to find a job here or not. Also, how is my career path?

      DOB – 20/04/1982
      Loc. – Delhi
      Time: 5:20 pm

      Best regards,

    40. dear panditji ,
      namaskar .

      can you kindly help facing a lot of trouble for last 10 yrs and more in the last 3-4 yrs
      in my professional life which is affecting my family life kindly advise

      name: Jolly
      DOB: 01 ST JAN 1978 AT 0745 AM
      POB : MUMBAI

    41. Sir,
      I am trying to get a job. I just completed my master’s but nothing is working out for me. My DOB is April 1, 1983, bhubaneswar, India, time -13.15PM. Can you please let me know when can I get a job?

    42. Swagatika Das says:

      Sir, my date of birth is Aug 2nd, 1992. Birth time is12.05 am. When will I get a job, whether govt or private.. Kindly ans to my problem..

    43. Upasna Sharma says:

      Hello Sir,

      I am facing a lot of trouble in my job, my rahi mahadasha, I am afraid if I will loose my job or will I get a better job soon or not?
      My details are
      DOB 04.06.1988
      Place Ghaziabad
      Time 14:42 Hrs

    44. Rupali Awade says:

      My Name is Rupali
      POB: Bhopal MP
      TOB: 8.55 am

      I lost my Job. by when I will get new job. Please suggest some remdey.

    45. Sudipto Chakraborty says:

      my dob is 3-3-1981
      my pob is kolkata(n) westbengal
      my tob is 23:23

      I was being unemployed for last 5 months. I have got a job before on 3-11-2016. Sir I want to know how long my this job will sustain?. Shall I get any better opportunity? My career life is also not well. I have become unemployed after a few days. Please tell me what will happen to my career and I am unmarried, when I will get marry?


    46. Ankur Sharma says:

      Hi Sir,

      I’m not satisfied with my Present job. I need a Job Change. I’ve been trying since 12-14 months but not getting any Results. Can you please look in and advice me that when will i get a new Job.

      Below are My Details :-

      D.O.B :- 13-08-1985
      Time :- 07:55 am
      Place :- Aligarh (U.P)

      Looking Forward to your Reply.

      Thanks & Regards,

    47. Sir,
      My name is sarita
      Dob- 6 nov 1991
      Pob- sonepat,haryana
      Time- 7:20 PM

      I am facing lots of problems in getting job. I m preparing for governmnt job but always left with few marks. After doing so much hard work I am not getting any result. I want to know us there any job really for me..actually aftr getting so many rejection i am depressed. So i want to take right path for my career. Please help me out
      Please reply me sir

      • dear sarita
        According to planetary combination in your horoscope govt job is very difficult for you for good result you should do Sury upasaana.

        • suman roy says:

          name: Suman Roy

          Date of birth(dd:mm:yyyy):18/05/1991

          Time of birth(hh:mm:ss:am/pm):11:55 AM


          Place of birth: Bongaigaon,Assam,India

          Nearest city:Bongaigaon,Assam,India


          Query/Problem:When I will get a government job?
          Will it be a officer level job or clerical level?
          time of getting job?

    48. Anju Aravind says:

      My DOB is 28/12/1993
      Time: 9.15 AM
      When will I get a permanent job?

    49. Ankit Sharma says:

      Sir ,

      Will i become a grade A government officer ? ( position of authority ) . Will appear for civil services exam in 2020 ( 1st attempt ).

      Dob : 15.08.95
      Time : 4.52 pm
      New Delhi , India.

    50. When will get a govt job via Vedic Astrology
      my dob 27-02-1991 3.45 am city hyderabad

    51. Ranjitha S R says:

      My. Name start with R.Dob 23/05/1994
      Timings 11:11am. Please inform about my future also.

    52. When will i get a job

      28 oct 1994
      01:12 am

    53. Dear sir , My dob is 14/01/1974 time 08.00 am , Place Gujarat Valsad, I have almost 20 Years experience in IT however I am jobless , getting difficulty to get job , health problem etc. please reply with remedies , if I got result definitely pay your fees. contact on :

    54. ABHIJIT ROY says:

      Name – Abhijit Roy,dob-17/12/1985,gender-male,
      time-13:05hrs(01:05 p.m.),place – Krishnanagar,West Bengal. I am facing problems with my career. From last March,2016 I am jobless? When can I be able to get a good and secured job?

    55. Sir. My name is Bharathi. My DOB is 16/03/1993. From my birth I am coming through various problems. I didn’t even get a job till 3 years . I want a solution to overcome all my problems

    56. Arindam Sarkar says:

      Hello Sir, my question is whether I will get a government job or not? If yes then at what age?

      Date of Birth – 21/11/1980
      Place of birth – Berhampore, Murshidabad, West Bengal
      Time of birth – 12:37 PM

    57. Hello sir, my name is mohan, please tell me when will I get job

      Name: mohan Rao
      D.o.b:30/01/1994 time:2:30a.m
      Place:rajahmundry,andhra pradesh.

    58. Dear Sir,
      I am trying to get a good job for the past 6years. But I could not get any. Though I have worked in 3 companies earlier, for the past 2 years, I am jobless. I would request you, please if you get time help me with my chart to determine when I will get a job. Currently going through my last stage of Rahu Mahadasha and Mars Antardasha. I am qualified my Post Graduation and have also done MBA after that. My birth details are given below.
      Name: Rakesh.
      DOB: 11/02/1984
      Time: 13:58 Hrs.
      Place: Durgapur, West Bengal.

      Please help me.

      Thanks & Regards,


    59. Hi Sir,

      I am Sneha, looking for job desperately. I am attending interviews but not getting success in them. Could you please let me know when i will get good job?

      DOB: 18/08/1988
      Time: 8.30 pm
      Place: Hubli/Hubballi, Karnataka

    60. suman roy says:

      name –suman roy
      date of birth-18/05/1991
      Time of birth:11:55 AM
      Gender :Male
      Place of birth: Bongaigaon,Assam,India
      Query–When I will get a government job?
      Will it be a officer level job or clerical level?
      time of getting job?

    61. Sayantan ghosh says:

      When i get my first job?
      sayantan ghosh
      my dob 5th july 1995
      time 11:15 am

    62. hi sir i am vindhya my Dob is 5 sep 1991
      time 1:05 am , born in madakasira , andhrapradesh.
      i am trying for banking job since 2 years but not able to succede, i wanted to know wheather i will get a job in banking field or should i try somewhere else

      thank you

    63. hi sir
      i am vindhya
      DOB 5 sep 1991
      time 1:05am
      place madakasira, andhrapradesh
      sir i am trying for job in banking sector since 2 years but i have not suceeded. i want to know wether i will get a job in banking field or should i search job in any other sector.
      thank you.

    64. Hello sir,
      Name- Shrishti
      Date of birth-31/10/1993
      Time-11:55 PM
      Sir I want to know when i will get job and whether it will be government job or private job? I completed my btech in 2016.
      Kindly reply.

      • dear Shrishti
        According to first sight analysis of your horoscope you will get job in this year. your first job will be less than expectation. maximum chance is that you will get private job.

    65. Rajesh Anand says:

      I am trying hard to get a job but not getting success pls check and suggest remedies to get an early job
      DOB 27 September 1967
      TOB 22:27
      POB Pathankot (Punjab)
      I hope I would get an early postive reply

    66. Hello Sir,

      I am currently employed in the domain of market research.I wanted to ask you by when I will be able to change my job. I am looking for a new job since last 2 years but not able to find any thing.My Details are as under:-

      DOB – 17/01/1983
      Time 00:55 – midnight
      Place:- Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh)

    67. Avisikta niyogi says:

      When will i get a job after 2020??

    68. Name: Riddhi
      Dob: 10/10/1990.
      Birth Time : 1:55pm
      Birth Place : Ahmedabad
      When Will I geb job? Now possiblity for job?

    69. Sir,

      I have just left my job since I was transferred. When will I get back on job? My details are..
      Name: Rayomand Bhathena
      DOB: 25.09.1960
      TOB: 3:25 AM
      Place of Birth: Hyderabad, Telangana

    70. Ishan Chaudhary says:

      Hello sir,
      Name- Ishan Chaudhary
      Date of birth-14/01/1991
      Time-02:25 AM
      Place-Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh
      Sir I’m a final year law student and preparing for PCS J competitive exam. Sir i want to know that can i able to crack judiciary exam? Is there any auspicious yog in my kundli which can give a little push to my hardwork so that i can excel in the exam.
      Kindly reply.

    71. Sir,

      Will I become an IAS/IFS(Indian Foreign Service) Officer?
      Name : Nirmal
      DOB : 04/01/1992
      Birth Place : Thane, Maharashtra
      Birth Time : 09.18AM

    72. kavita yadav says:

      My DOB-28/9/87, 7.30 Am, kosli,haryana. Could you plz tell abt the job prospectus. Despite several attempts I still havent started career.

    73. PRIYESH MORE says:

      Sir I want job change from my current location.
      Is there any chance of job change in near future.

      12 Nov 1990


    74. when will i get good job? DOB: 09:06:1993

    75. Sarika Gupta says:

      I am in need of job. I was working till last year August but that time i have to leave my job because of my child ill health. Now i am again looking for job but nothing positive is forseen. Please suggest when do i get the job.

      DOB- 6 Feb 1986
      Place- Delhi
      Time- 6.45pm

    76. Tonesh Bansod says:

      I want asked that when i will get job? Can i get govt via vedic astrology
      DoB: 09/03/1993
      Time of birth: 9:00am
      Place: bhandara, Maharashtra, india

    77. My name is piyusha. Date of birth 22 08 1981. Place of birth sangli and time 08.03 pm. I am looking for new job. When it will be possible.

    78. Bhawna joshi says:

      Name – Bhawna joshi
      Dob- 11 Aug 1992
      Time- 16:30 pm
      Place- almora, uttarakhand
      Will i get a government job?

    79. Bhawna joshi says:

      Name – Bhawna joshi
      Dob- 11 Aug 1992
      Time- 16:30 pm
      Place- almora, uttarakhand
      Sir will i get a government job?

    80. dob = 29 /04/1993
      tob = 22:16
      pob= chandigarh

      will i be an IAS? what are chances this year and coming year.
      your guidance and reply will be very helpfull for me.

    81. Pankaj Malik says:

      Namaskar Gurudev JI….Apko Pranam..!!

      Name: Pankaj Malik
      Date of Birth : 8th April-1986
      Time of Birth: 1:20 PM(After-noon)
      Place : New Delhi

      Guru ji ,Do I have any Foreign Yog ,I wanted to get settle in Foreign for Job.I am also working with a Foreign Company and Working from Home.

    82. kavita yadav says:

      my dob is 28-9-87, 7.30 AM, kosli, haryana. Despite several attempts i havent been able to start a career. even though i get a job yet some or the other circumstances dont let me go ahead. plz guide…

    83. Name- Ashok
      POB= Chandigarh
      Time = 15.15 (3.15pm)

      when I will get the job . I am jobless. Thanks

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