Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart.  Everyone has their own dream and always works to fulfill their dream but they don’t know my dream will fulfill or not. Astrology can help you for success in your dream come true. Lawyer and Judge (Indian Judiciary services) is very prestigious service in all aspects. Every year many students get admission in L.L.B and appear in judiciary services exam but success remains too few. Question arises why some could make it to success and others despite of hard work could not?

Astrology and astrologers are able to provide proper guidance with the help of your horoscope / Birth chart / Janmkundali because planets and their placement in the horoscope / kundali play a vital role in the result of one’s success or failure in the practice of Law and Judiciary services.

Here I am providing you some astrological combination which you can see your horoscope if the combination is present in your horoscope then you should choose Lawyer and Judiciary service and start preparation for that. I assure you with success.

Now open your horoscope and start to see combination that is given by me is it present or not in your birth chart. It is very easy for you.

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Responsible House / Bhav for Lawyer and Judiciary Service

First House

First house denotes physical and mental aptitude and inclination toward profession and other things.

Second House

2nd house is the house of communication and speech and it is very essential for all judge and lawyer because lawyer needs to have a strong and influential speech or voice in the time of argument

Third House

The third house in the birth chart considers books and files related to accounts, records, old scriptures etc. The relationship of the third house with the tenth house will give auspicious results. Therefore, this house is always in an auspicious position in the birth-chart of lawyers.

Sixth House

Sixth house is the house of litigation so this house must be strong in the horoscope. The relationship of sixth and tenth house is very necessary for success in Judiciary services. Success of a person in Lawyer and judiciary services depends upon the strong placement of these houses, houses lord and their reciprocal relationship.

Ninth House

Law is related to justice or judiciary and the ninth house is the house of justice. A good lawyer has main view to bring truth in front of the world and give justice to innocent. The ninth house is associated with justice, duty, policies and court. If this house is in relationship with the tenth house then the person will become a lawyer.

Tenth house

The 10th house is the house of profession in every individual horoscope. The astrologer predicts for profession of the native on the basis of the 10th house, 10th lord and planets placed in the tenth house.

In fact 10th house signifies all careers related questions. However, there are some people who luckily get a good position in life and enjoy high status in their job, like Judiciary officers and good practice in judiciary.

Image of  Famous Lawyer 

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Role of planets for success L.L.B and Judiciary Service.

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Rahu are the key planets in any horoscope for Judiciary service .These planets are very helpful to success in law practice.


Sun signifies of government job. Sun also indicate higher post in government.


Jupiter is the Planet of Knowledge and Justice. A jupiterian person will not lie and become a good critic. He also takes wise decisions on the basis of arguments made.


Mars is the planet of courage and litigation. Mars planets depict courage and quick decision and reaction. Mars makes a person courageous, energetic and enthusiastic, which is very essential to achieve success in life.


Saturn is the planet of Law. Saturn is the only planet which justice in the court. You can see in court every lawyer wear black coat. Have you ever thought that why the lawyers wear the black coat. They wear black coat because Saturn signify black color and justice due to this reason when lawyer argument in the court the wear black coat.


Mercury is the planet of Intelligence and speech.


Rahu planet has big role for success in judiciary service. Sometimes, lawyers use false statements to win a case in favor of their clients, as well as act in a diplomatic manner. Rahu is a significator of these things so if Rahu becomes strong in horoscope and relates to Mercury (representative speech) and with the sixth house (house of litigation) or lord then possibilities to become a well known practitioner lawyer.

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Astrological yoga in Horoscope

There are many yoga available in horoscope but some yoga is very necessary for  Lawyer and judiciary service or govt and public sector.

Raj yoga

Lord of Kendra ( 1,4,7 and 10th house) and trikon ( 1,5 and 9th house) are mutual aspect or placed in same house the person   becomes a great man or a respected in society.

Wealth yoga

There is a relationship between the Lagan lord on the one hand and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th lord on the other hand. The person will be wealthy.

Gajakesari yoga

Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon .The person is illustrious, overpowering, virtuous, wealthy, intelligent, and scholarly, of royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

Budha-Aditya Yoga

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in the same house (also known as Budhadhiya Yoga).The person is sweet tongued, clever, scholarly, virtuous and will have learning, wealth, progeny and self-control, earns wealth by serving others. Also said to be highly intelligent, skillful in all works with a good reputation.

karmajiva yoga

The 10th house from Lagan contains very strong Mercury devoid of a malefic aspect .The person’s fame is going to extend in various directions.

Planets specialized in Law Field

Corporate Lawyer

If Mercury shares a relationship in the horoscope then the person will achieve great success in corporate area.

Criminal Lawyer

A person will practice in criminal cases due to the influence of Saturn, Mars and Rahu in 12th house in his horoscope.

Tax Lawyer

The person will have an interest in the cases related to tax or dishonesty due to the influence of Saturn and Ketu in his horoscope.

Government Lawyer

The native will be an advocate in government office due to the influence of Sun and Moon in his birth chart.

Arbitrary Lawyer

The person will have an interest in the cases related to arbitrary due to the influence of Jupiter and Moon in his horoscope.

Matrimonial Lawyer 

He will deal with the cases related to married life due to the influence of Venus in his birth-chart.

MACT Lawyer

A person will practice in insurance related cases due to the influence of saturn and Mars in his horoscope

Some Parameter for Lawyer and judiciary service in Astrology

THE Classical text books on Astrology give a number of Planets Yogas for a person to work as lawyer and judge. Here I am providing some classical text fact and others for judiciary service.

  1. If Venus and Mercury are placed in a house and at least one planet must be exalted then the person will work as a lawyer.
  2. If Mars is exalted in 10th house and related with 6th, 9th, or 2nd house then person work as judiciary service.
  3. If Jupiter, Mars, Sun and Saturn occupy the 10th, one will be a judge who gives deterrent and severe punishment.
  4. If Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury occupy the 10th, one will be a judge.
  5. If Mars is in 1, 5, 9, he will be an expert in argument.
  6. If the lord of the Lagna occupies the first Drekkana of the Lagna, the person will be work as a judge.
  7. if the Moon exalted in Navamsa or placed in Libra sign and is aspected by Jupiter, the person will be a lawyer and also a minister.
  8. If the 10th house or the Navamsa of the 10th house fall in the varga of Mercury, legal profession is indicated.
  9. A person born in Gemini Lagna with Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Moon in the 11th (Aries) and Mars placed in 6th house will be work in a court of law.
  10. If Lagna lord is in the 10th and lagn lord related with 6th and 9th houselord earnings through legal profession are indicted.
  11. If Mars relates to Jupiter, and Mercury is located with Venus which is exalted in the birth-chart then the person will be a good orator and lawyer.
  12. If Jupiter is exalted and influence 6th and 10th house in the birth-chart the person can work as judges because such a person will not lie and become a good critic.

Horoscope of famous Judge

DOB – 30-12-1907, TOB – 21:55: 50, POB – Chennai

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

Bhav Equal ( chalit ) Horosocpe

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

He is a very brilliant jurist who began his career as a lawyer and came to occupy the highest judicial office in the state. The 10th house is Taurus aspected by Saturn in chalit kundali . the 10th lord venus is in the 6th house ruling the judiciary aspected by exalted Jupiter.

The 10th house from the Moon is aspected by Moon sign lord Venus and occupied by exalted Jupiter. The chart gains strength from the Lagna which is Vargottama. The Vipareeta Rajayoga in both Rashi and Navamsa adds further vitality. In Rashi the 6th lord Saturn is in the 8th house , the 8th lord Jupiter is in the 12th house and the 12th lord the Moon is in the 3rd house.

Planetary Combination for Lawyer and Judicial Officers in Birth Chart

 In Navamsa the 6th lord Saturn is in the 11th house with Ninth lord Masrs,  the 12th lord Moon is in the 8th house and the 8th lord Jupiter is in the 5th house and aspect to sixth and Ninth lord.

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