What is Rajyoga in Astrology

What is Rajyoga in AstrologyRajyoga  is most powerful  yoga in astrology. which gives royal status, a lot of name fame and wealth . 1st 4th 7th and 10th houses are Kendra and  1st 5th and 9th house are Trikona house. Rajyoga is formed  by planets and house combination in horoscope. When the planet  representing the Lord of Kendra house and associates with the Lord of Trikon house in Kendra or trikon that is called RAJYOGA in horoscope.


Rajyoga in horoscope  does not necessarily mean becoming a king. Usually its benefits are observed in a person’s life when there mahadasha of one planet and the antardasha of another planet in the person’s life provided both planets are constituting Rajyoga in some way in the persons horoscope and in this period planet give auspicious result.

An example of this yoga existing in  Aurobindo  Ghose horoscope

What is Rajyoga in Astrology

Born on 15th august 1872 at 5:17 a.m. (L.M.T.) ( 22’ 30’ N, Long 88 20’)

In above horoscope  Jupiter and Mars in the first house which is constituting a Rajyoga because Jupiter is the Lord of 9th house (Trikon) and Mars is the Lord of 10th house (Kendra).  From Moon Lagna Sun and Mercury constituting Rajyoga because Sun is the Lord of 5th house and Mercury is the Lord of 10th house. Aurobindo  Ghose is well known person .

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