Shubh Muhurt Date for Property Purchase 2017-18

Shubh Muhurt Date for Property Purchase 2017-18Shubh Muhurt Date for Property Purchase 2017. There are three things is most important for everybody Roti ( Food) Kapda ( Dress) and Makaan ( House) .Everyone have one dream to living a big own House. When we start earning we first think for purchase a beautiful house. If you are planning to purchase any house, flat commercial plot  or agriculture land  then you must be choose auspicious date and time . Here I am providing you Subh Muhurt (auspicious dates) to purchase any property including house, flat, plot or agriculture land. In this context these dates are good for property registration or advance to builder or land owner.


Shubh Muhurt for property purchase

Tithi  –  1 ( Pratipada, Only Krishn pksha ) 2 (Dwitiya) ,5( Panchami) ,6( Shashthi), 10( Dashami) ,11( Ekadashi), Purnima

Days – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Nakshatra – Mrigasira, Purarvasu, Ashlesha, Magha, vishakha, Anuradha, all three Purva, Mula, Svati, Shatbhisa and Revati

Month – Vaishakha, Jyeshtha, Ashadha, ( Till 15 July) Margshirsh, Madha and Falgun manth are very auspicious for purchase of land, flat and house.

Shubh Muhurt Date for Property Purchase 2017-18

Shubh Date for Property Purchase 2017

June 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month








 Jyeshth Sukl Paksha


9/6/2017  Purnima, pratipada Friday




—-do —–
29/6/2017 Shashthi




Purva Phalguni Ashadh,  Sukla Paksha

July 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month






Mula Ashadh, Sukla


13/7/2017  Panchami Friday Purva Bhadrapada Shravan, krishn Paksha
14/7/2017 Shashthi




Purva Bhadrapada —-do——

August 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month






Revati Bhadrpad krishn Paksha
17/8/2017  Ekadashii Thursday Purva Bhadrapada ——do———
31/8/2017 Dashmi, Ekadashi


Thursday Purva Bhadrapada Bhadrapad Krishn Pkasha

September 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Ekadashii Friday


Revati Bhadrpad, Shukala  Paksha
14/9/2017 Dashami Thursday Punarvashu Ashwin, Krishna Paksha
15/9/2017 Dashmi, Ekadashi




Punarvashu Ashwin, Krishna Paksha

October 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Purnima, Pratipada Thursday


Revati Ashwin, Shukla  Paksha
13/10/2017 Dashami Friday


Ashlesha Kartika , Krishna Paksha
20/10/2017 Dwitiya




Vishakhaa Kartika , Krishna Paksha

November 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Chaturdashi Thursday


Revati Kartika , Shukala Paksha

December 2017

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Panchami, Shashthi Thursday


Ashlesha Ashwin, Shukla  Paksha
8/12/2017 Shashthi, Saptami Friday


Magha Kartika , Krishna Paksha

January 2018

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Panchami Friday


Magha, Purv Phalguni Magha  Krishana   Paksha
11/01/2018 Ekadashi Thursday


Vishakha, Anuradha Magha  Krishana   Paksha
12/01/2018 Ekadashi, Dwadashi




Anuradha Magha  Krishana   Paksha

February 2018

Date Tithi Days Nakshatra Month


Dashami Thursday


Anuradha Phalgun,   Krishana   Paksha
16/02/2018 Dwitiya Friday


Vishakha, Anuradha Phalgun,  Shukla    Paksha

Note : – For detail like particular time, Lagn, Moon purification etc you should consult any astrologer.

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