Shubh Muhurt for Purchasing and Selling of Vehicle 2017-18

Shubh Muhurt for Purchasing and Selling of Vehicle 2017-18 Shubh Muhurt for Purchasing and Selling of Vehicle 2017-18 Now a days Vehicle is not only for status purpose but it is very essential for a family because public transportation system is not very good in urban and rural area. Somebody purchase vehicle for private use but somebody purchase vehicle for commercial use. Sometimes we see that on the day the person buys the car, he gets an Accident or any other difficulty.  Question is that what is the reason for that? Answer is very simple people not purchased vehicle on auspicious time. The vehicle purchased in an unfavorable or inauspicious timing, is likely to bring in many problem to the owner of the vehicle, besides disrupting the likely progress and prosperity of the vehicle owner. The vehicle may become lucky and give prosperity if you purchased on an auspicious Muhurat.


Here, I am providing Shubh Muhurats for buying any vehicle . The  calculation are  based on the Hindu Panchang, considering its all elements such as suitable nakshatras, favorable date or tithi of the Hindu Lunisolar calendar, appropriate date of the Gregorian calendar, and the exact span of the auspicious timing.


Shubh Muhurt For Vehicle Purchasing and Selling 2017-18

03 June  2017DashmiSaturday Hastha
05 June 2017EkadashiMonday Chitra
19 June 2017DashmiMonday Revati:
26 June 2017TritiyaMonday Pushya
03 JulyDashmiMonday Swati
05 July 2017DwadashiWednesday Anuradha
06 July 2017TrayodashiThursday Anuradha
17 July 2017AshtamiMonday Ashwini
21 July 2017TrayodashiFriday Mrigashira
24 July 2017PratipadaMonday Pushya
29 July 2017ShashthiSaturday Chitra
30 July 2017SaptamiSunday Chitra
31 July 2017AshtamiMonday Swati
02 August 2017DashmiWednesday Anuradha
09 August 2017DwitiyaWednesday Shatabhisha
10 August 2017TritiyaThursday Shatabhisha
12 August 2017PanchamiSaturday Revati
17 August 2017DashmiThursdayMrigashira
26 August 2017PanchamiSaturdayChitra
13 September 2017AshtamiWednesdayMrigashira
21 September 2017PratipadaThursdayHastha
22 September 2017DwitiyaFridayChitra
25 September 2017PanchamiMondayAnuradha
06 October 2017PratipadaFridayRevati
07 October 2017DwitiyaSaturdayAshwini
11 October 2017ShashthiWednesdayMrigashira
14 October 2017DashmiSaturdayPushya
20 October 2017PratipadaFridayChitra
22 October 2017 TritiyaSundayAnuradha
09 November 2017ShashthiThursdayPushya
15 November 2017DwadashiWednesdayChitra
19 November 2017PratipadaSundayAnuradha
04 December 2017PratipadaMondayMrigashira
13 December 2017EkadashiWednesdayChitra Nakshatra
16 December 2017TrayodashiSaturday Anuradha
28 December 2017DashmiThursdayAshwini
5 February 2018 PanchamiMondayHasti/ Chitra 
17 February 2018DwitiyaSaturadaySatbhisa 
21 February 2018ShashthiWednesdayAshwina 
03 March 2018DwitiyaSaturdayUttara falgun 
04 March 2018TritiyaSundayHasta 
08 March 2018SaptamiThursdayAnuradha 
12 March 2018DashamiMondayUttara Ashadha

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