why someone feel too cold an astrological analysis

why someone feel too cold an astrological analysis. Cold and Hot both are more important for our body.Question come in mind that “why someone feel too cold an astrological analysis discussed in this article. We try to know the mystery of this question. Science and Astrology both interpret according to own theory. Science give answer we feel cold because of the presence of as protein that helps us sense and feel cold.  Research has also advised that cold-sensing neurons are specific, with some sensing enjoyable cold sensations and others sensing more painful ones.
But recently scientists have discovered that the fibers lead back to one place in the neuron: a protein known as TRPM8 that sends a cold signal up the spinal cord to the brain which is the reason we do feel cold.


Cold and Planets

Astrology is also able to give answer of this question. According to astrology there are nine planets and 12 sign, all planets and sign, characters are fixed some are hot and some are cold.

Cold planets and sign                                  

Saturn is too cold planet. Moon and Mercury behave depend on associated planet. If Saturn associated with Moon or Mercury than both will behave like Saturn. Your feeling of much cold than other person depends on the placement of Saturn in your horoscope.  According to astrology this is the main cause.

  1. If Saturn placed in Lagan / ascendant and aspect to Ascendant Lord.
  2. Saturn associated with Moon or Saturn aspect on the Moon.
  3.  If Saturn associated with Moon sign Lord or ascendant Lord.
  4.  If hot Mars Planet placed in watery sign.
  5.  If Ascendant and ascendant lord both in watery sign (cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).
  6. If hot planet like Mars placed in Lagan and Saturn aspect on.
  7. If Lagan Lord to be in the sign of Saturn in birth chart or Navamsa chart.

If you are Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces ascendant or sign born than you are feel too cold than others because these are nature wise cold sign.

Date of birth- 14/6/1970 Time of birth– 2:15 Place of birth – patna

Image of horoscope

why someone feel too cold an astrological analysis

In this horoscope Saturn placed in the Lagan and aspect ascendant Lord Mars also. Second things Lagan Lord Mars placed Aquarius sign of Saturn in navamsa chart. The native feel too cold than others.

Remedies for reduce coldness.

Remedial part of astrology is most important thing.  Everyone wants remedies forget rid off  problem. Astrology helps the native reduce problem through yantra, mantra, tantra gemstone, eating thing etc…

  1. The native should strong first, the lord of ascendant to wear gemstone.
  2. The native should eat almond every day at least 5 pieces .
  3. The native should drink everyday a spoon of almond oil with a glass of milk or with juice. It keeps your body warm and assists your immunity system.

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