Stock Market | Share Trading Combination in Astrology

Stock Market | Share Trading Combination in AstrologyStock Market | Share Trading combination in Astrology. If you are thinking of making a career in the share or stock market, before starting the investment, you should know whether I will be successful in this profession because this profession is like gambling and the person who is Join in this profession, they work as a gambler Everyone knows the share or stock market is a risky gambling business, the fate of people changes in the stock market like the tide in the sea. You can become a millionaire or beggar, but it depends on the original birth chart of the native. Profit and loss will continue in this profession so that you should always be careful and you will not be successful if you do not have the ability to take advantage and loss. This is patience game profession.

The share market depends entirely on your speculation and depends on your intellectual strength, but ultimately, success depends on your destiny if your fortune house or lord ( 9th house and lord) in the birth chart is connected with 5th house or lord (House of speculation) then you will get success in the share trading .

In fact, share or stock trading business is dependent on the placement of planets in different houses in the birth chart. The success or failure of any business depends on the strong positions of planets, houses, and the lord of the houses, constellations and their interpersonal relationships.

Now the question is how judge for this business is suitable for me or not. The astrologer can answer this question by giving details of your birth chart. If a stock or share market combination is present in your horoscope then you will definitely be successful in this profession so before choosing as a career, you should consult with astrologer and I hope you will find success in the career path.

Wealth yoga combination in your horoscope

Stock Market | Share Trading Houses in Horoscope

1st House or Ascendant:

The native self

2nd House:

2nd house is the house of wealth and family.

5th House:

This is the house of speculation, intuition, share market, stock trading, foreign currency etc. Therefore, if the house lord is exalted or in a strong position in the birth chart, and form relationships with 2nd, 11th lord then the person earn money with share market.

8th house:

This is the house of sudden gain so it is the very important house for share market because share market gives sudden gain and loss.

9th house:

The ninth house is the house of fate. If your fortune house lord is in a strong position and connected to those planets which are responsible for success in the stock market, then you will definitely get success in the share or stock market.

10th house:

This is the house of profession or career in every individual birth chart. The astrologer predicts for the career of the native on the basis of the 10th house, its lord and planets which is placed in this house.
In fact, 10th house signifies all careers related questions. However, there are some people who luckily get a good position in life and enjoy high status in their business.

11th house:

The 11th house is the most important house for the every native because this denotes desire, income, and gains from all the sources. The planets and houses which is related with share market in the native horoscope, anyhow connected with 11th house the person will get success in this profession

Responsible Planets for share or stock market


The planet Jupiter is the significator of wealth.


The planet Moon is the significator of Mind and Fast speculation.


The planet Mercury is the significator of intellect, mind, and brain; Mercury controls emotions and psyche of the native.


The planet Rahu is the significator of fast speculation and sudden change in the life path.

Planetary Combinations for success in  Strock or Share Market

  1. If the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th houses lords are connected with each other, the native will make the career in share or the stock market.
  2. If the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house /lord are exalted, well placed and free from any malefic influences indicate success in share market.
  3. If the 5th house lord in the 2nd house and 10th lord is placed in the 5th house or 11th house, the native will earn wealth from share market.
  4. If the PARIVARTAN YOGA of the lords of 2nd and 11th house the native will success in the share market.
  5. If the significator of wealth Jupiter, placed in ascendant and 2nd, 5th, and 9th house lord aspect to Jupiter indicates success in the share /stock market.
  6. If Rahu and Jupiter are placed in quadrant or trine house the native will invest money in share market. If Rah and Jupiter aspect or conjoin by lords of quadrant/trine the native will get success in share market.
  7. Lords of 5th, 9th &11th houses placed in quadrant/ trine and influence by benefices indicate success in stock market
  8. If there is “Chandra Mangal Yoga” (Moon-Mars conjunction) in birth chart and Jupiter, Rahu or Mercury placed in 11th house, the person will earn money through share market.
  9. If Moon in 8th house in your natal horoscope you will earn money and also the loss from share market due to this reason you will not stay a long time in this profession.
  10. If 5th house lord and 4th house lord are conjoined and placed in quadrant or trikone or anywhere placed but aspect on the 9th house the person will invest money in share market and earn a lot of money through share but must be free from malefic aspect or conjunction.

Inauspicious Combination for Share or Stock Market

  1. The 8th house and Lord combines with 2nd, 5th, 10th house or lord the person invest money in share market but this combination indicates the loss in share market.
  2. If Moon is heavily afflicted in birth chart then the native should not invest in share market.
  3. If the Mars or Jupiter debilitated or badly placed in the natal chart or d9 chart the person will lose in share trading.
  4. If the 5th, 9th, or 11th house lord placed in the 12th, 6th, or 8th house indicates the loss in the share market. Such person must invest in share market but after the loss, they will stop investment.
  5. If the lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses lord in the in the 5th, 9th or 11th house and native invest in share trading the loss is possible in share market.
  6. If 5th, 9th, 11th or 2nd house lord is debilitated, retrograde or placed in trik house or malefic planets aspect the loss is possible in share market.
  7. If no planet in quadrant or trikon house, the person should never invest in share trading.
  8. If 5th and 11th house are in the Rahu, Ketu axis then the person invests money in share market but they will earn money and also lose. They should control their emotion otherwise huge loss is possible.

When should start Stock Market or share trading

  1. If the native start share trading during the period and sub-period of the 5th, 9th, 11th, 10th houses lord, the native will definitely get gains.
  2. If the double gochar transit present in the house of 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and eleventh then you will get success in the share market.
  3. Sometimes 8th lord and the planets placed in this house give sudden gain so first, you watch minutely if any positive indication is present then you should invest in share market.

Stock Market | Share Trading Combination in Astrology

Jeffrey P. Bezos’s Horoscope

Stock Market | Share Trading Combination in Astrology

The above horoscope of  Henry Bezos. He is the CEO of He made $6 billion in 20 minutes on 29th April’16 after his company jumped from $600 to $681.5 in early trading hours.In that time Bezos become the fourth richest person in the world.

Planetary Combination for Stock Market 

Ascendant lord Jupiter is placed in the Ascendant it is a good for the native such person become famous in his life path.

2nd Lord Mars is exalted, placed in the 11th house with 11th lord and aspect to 5th house ( House of Speculation, Stock market or share market)

5th Lord Moon is in the 10th house with Mercury,  form Rajyoga in the house of profession.

9th Lord Mars is exalted and placed in the 11th house with the 11th lord.

There is too many Astrological Yoga are present in above Birth Chart, like Gajkeshri yoga, Rajyoga, Wealth yoga, Business yoga etc.

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