Auspicious Date and Timing for Joining New job, Promotion & Transfer

Auspicious Date and Timing for Joining New job, Promotion & TransferAuspicious Date and Timing for Joining New job, Promotion & Transfer.  Auspicious times have been used for various purposes since ancient times. In Indian culture, sixteen rites from conception to death are also performed according to the auspicious time. The time fixed after almanac purification is called “auspicious time”. For this reason, it is generally seen that the work done in the auspicious time is successful without any disturbance, but whatever work is done without considering the auspicious date and time, there is no success in it

Why is the auspicious time required for joining a job?

If you join your job on an auspicious day, time and constellation, then you can avoid some problems. Those who join the job without considering the date and time either face a lot of problems or are late in their promotion. Therefore, at the time of joining the new job, we must consider the auspicious day, constellation, and date. Auspicious Muhurt for conceiving/ Garbhadhan

How to Choose the Auspicious Date, Day & Constellation?

Auspicious dates

Dwitiya, Panchami, Saptami, Navami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi and Poornima.


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Auspicious Nakshatra 

Rohini, Hasta, Swati, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashada.

Auspicious Lagan 

(Except Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you can join the job on all other Ascendants.

Auspicious Yoga

Preity, Ayushman, Sobhagya, Shobhan, Dhriti, and Sukarma should join jobs in yoga.

Auspicious Karan

Except for Vishti, Nag, and Shakuni, the rest of Karan is eligible to be accepted.


Except for Ascendant (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), you should join a job in the remaining Ascendant, if you join a fixed ascendant, it will be good. The ascendant and eighth house should be free from malefic planets from the Lagna.

Lunar purification 

While joining the job, one must consider lunar purification. For this, there should be no moon in the 4,6,8, and 12 the place from the birth sign.

Kaal Shuddhi 

You should not join jobs in Amavasya, Sankranti, Shraddha Paksha, and Holikashtak.

Abhijit Muhurt

This Muhurt is available every day (except Wednesday). Its time starts 24 minutes before local noontime and ends 24 minutes after local noontime.

Rahu Kaal and Chaughariya Time

If you are going to join a new job or promotion, then you should avoid Rahu time and inauspicious Chaughdiye Muhurta. Auspicious Choghadiya Muhurta is present then you can join a new job.

Auspicious Date for joining New Job/ Promotion/ Transfer 2021

May 2021 :– 2,3,9,12,17,21,23,26,30

June 2021:– 4,6,13,23,27

July 2021 :– 2,4,9,11,18,19,29

August 2021 :–2,4,6,8,16,20,26,30

September 2021 :–1,2,8,13,17,23,27,30

October 2021 :– 6,15,21,25,28

November 2021 :– 3,7,14,22,25,28

December 2021 :– 3,5,12,25,26,31

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  1. July 29 th is Krishna Paksha Shashthi. How come it is good to join a new company

  2. Can I join new job on 17th Sept at 10:15 in Delhi ????

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