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Who can be a Doctor

Who can be a Doctor ? you can be if your planetary combinations are present in your horoscope. Doctors are like God. This profession is very prestigious in all aspects. Many students appear in medical exam every year but success comes to few. Question is that what’s that missing factor which keeps success away from […]

What is Mangalik Dosh

What is Mangalik Dosh ? Affliction of  Mars in the horoscope known as a Mangalik dosh horoscope. It is caused by placement of Mars in the different house of a natal chart. If Mars is placed in 12th, 1st, 4th,7th and 8th house known as a  Managlik Dosh horoscope. Mars is associated with the Greek […]

How Your 9 Planets give you Fortune

How Your 9 Planets give you Fortune. Most of us know that nine planets (नवग्रह) are responsible for all the fortunes and misfortunes in our life. Now the question might arise in your minds, is about how to make all your nine planets strong. Yes, this is true by making all your planets Strong you […]


Surya  Stuti is very  powerful mantra it can recite by everyone. recitation of these 12 Strotra’s  Stuti is good for health, sound, age, knowledge, respect and courage. Even it is effective of all kind of health problem. Namah Savitre Jagadeka Chakshushe, Jagat Prasooti-sththi-naasha-hetave, Trayimayaaya Trigunatmka-dhaarine, Viranchi Narayana Shankara-atmine  (1) Yana-mandalam Deepti-KaramVishalam, Ratna-pravham Teevra-anaadi-roopam, Daaridya Dukha Kshaya-Kaaranam. Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam. (2) Yana mandalam Deva-ganaih-poojitam, Viprai-stutam Bhaavana-mukti-kovidam, Tam deva-devam Pranamaami Sooryam, Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam. (3) Yana-mandalam Gyana-ghanam tva-gamyam Trailokya-poojam,trigunaatma roopam Samastas-tejomaya Divya Roopam Punaato Mam Tata savitur-varenyam.(4) Yana-mandalam Goodha-mati Prabodham; Dharma-sya Vriddhim-kurute Janaanaam […]

How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles

How can Astrology help in Health, Eye and Heart Troubles. Astrology can help through strotra, mantra, gemstone etc.  In the  Valmiki  Ramayan  you  must  have read about  Agastya Muni  asking  lord Rama  to worship God Sun before embarking on  the  great  Lanka.   Its  is  known  as  musical  part  of  Aditya Hridayam  Strotra. The Strotra  has different versions, but only 12 are popularized. These 12 […]