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Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to birth chart?

Who should wear blue sapphire gemstone according to the birth chart?. In astrology, the blue sapphire gemstone is related to the planet Saturn. People do many kinds of remedies to get rid of the effects of the inauspicious Saturn. In the same way, people wear gemstones for good results of auspicious planets. In this article, […]

Opal Ratna Dharan Vidhi

Opal Ratna Dharan Vidhi. Opal is a very beautiful and attractive gemstone. It is used exclusively to get all the results of Venus. Opal is the gems for the planet Venus. Opel is a substitute of diamond gemstones. This stone is also known for beauty and amazing aura. Opal also acts to give loving and […]
Panna Gemstone in English | Emerald Engagement Rings

Panna Gemstone in English | Emerald Engagement Rings

Panna Gemstone in English | Emerald Engagement Rings. Emerald is a very valuable and expensive gemstone. It is famously known as Panna. This gemstone is a direct connection with the planet Mercury or Buddha. You should wear Emerald if Mercury is well placed in your birth chart. It helps to maintain sound, health, wisdom, wealth, […]
Who can wear Topaz Gemstone

Who can wear Topaz Gemstone

Who can wear Topaz Gemstone? Topaz is one of the most powerful gemstones for Jupiter. It is substitute gemstone of yellow sapphire. When a person can’t buy a good quality of yellow sapphire then it is the best substitute for that. Topaz gemstone is capable of providing positive energy. This gemstone provides success in knowledge, […]

ओपल रत्न पति-पत्नी क्लेश को दूर करता है

ओपल रत्न पति-पत्नी क्लेश को दूर करता है (Opel gemstone remove spouse problem)  ओपल रत्न शुक्र ग्रह के प्रभाव को बढ़ाने लिए धारण किया जाता है। हीरे ( Diamond ) के दो उपरत्न है 1. जरकन 2. ओपल । हिंदी में ओपल रत्न को दूधिया पत्थर के नाम से जाना जाता है। ओपल को तुला,वृष […]

Yellow Sapphire (pukharaj) gemstone and benefit

Yellow Sapphire (pukharaj) gemstone ruled by planet Jupiter. It helps to maintain sound health, wealth, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, name and fame, longevity and success in life. For the dedication towards the almighty, God, one must use this gemstone to get the benevolent effect. It is observed that saints are using sapphire for the realizing […]

Red coral (Moonga) gemstone for Mars planet

Red coral gemstone is used for Mars planets. Red coral (Moonga) gemstone is believed to nullify all malefic effects of Mars planet. Due to this reason Astrologer always suggest to wear Red coral or white coral gemstone especially those who born under that planetary influence of Mars. It is available inside of the sea. It […]

Pearl gemstone in astrology

Pearl gemstone in astrology. Pearl is very special and unique gemstone it represents the planet Moon. Moon reflects the human mind. In Astrology it is significator of mind and mother.  If your Moon is the Lord of ascendant, lord of 5th house, lord of  9th house, lord of 10th house, full Moon or exalted Moon is placed […]

Ruby Gemstone and Government Job

Ruby gemstone and Government Job. Ruby gemstone is only stone that helps government job aspirants. Ruby gemstone represent Sun planet in Astrology and Sun is the significator of Government, due to this reason if a person desire to join job in any government organization they should must wear Ruby stone. When Sun become the Lord of auspicious house in […]
Who should wear Blue sapphire gemstone according to Birth chart?

Who, why and when wear blue sapphire gemstone

Who, why and when wear blue sapphire gemstone.Astrologers suggest blue sapphire (Neelam) for the auspicious result of Saturn. In fact every human being become afraid with Saturn effects. It is fact that when anyone comes under the adverse aspects of Saturn he/she fells embarrassment and pernicious trouble. It create all sort of obstacle. Intelligence of […]