Menstrual disorders and Astrology

Menstrual disorders and Astrology. Menstrual disorder is a periodic discharge of female. Moon and Mars are the prime planets in astrology for Menstrual disorders.  It normally starts after the age of 11-12 year. The menstrual cycle usually comes every 28 days. Sometimes irregularities of menstrual discharge are noticed due to some complication. Some say it happens due to psychical phases of the mental world. There are certain case examples which are found in context with profuse blooding at the time of ministration. It is evident that ladies will have to undergo periodical menstruation like the heavy flow of water in the sea or river when Purnima and decrease of flow of water in the dark of Amavasya.

Which planets responsible for Menstrual disorders

Astrologically Moon and Mars are connected in this context. The bad situation of Moon and Mars in the horoscope of women is the main cause of menstruation disorder.  Moon is the significator of liquid and Mars is the significator of blood. Moon is the also significator of ovary, uterus, and Fallopian tubes. If Moon placed in the house of 6th, 8th or 12th and aspects by any two malefic like Mars, Saturn, Rah, Ketu then it is sure that the irregularities and pain in the menstrual cycle.

Whenever Moon radically passes over Mars on every 28th day or Mars aspects on Moon, Moon sign in Gonchar lady undergoes menstruation periodically. The combination of Mars and Moon results in menses of ladies. Excessive flow of menses is occurred due to affliction of malefic planets. Saturn, Rah, Ketu and Mars are the malefic planets. Pain and irregularities are due to affliction of Saturn. Chemical change colour scanty, pus etc are secured due to the conjunction of two planets as given bellow.

Moon +Mars




Date of Birth:- 15/9/1980 Place of Birth:- Delhi  Time of Birth :- 20:07:00, Female

Image of horoscope

Menstrual disorders

In this horoscope Moon planet is debilitated and placed in 8th house Saturn aspects from 6th house and Rah aspect from 4rth house so the lady has suffering from irregularities and pain in menstrual time.

Remedies for Menstrual disorders

  1.  Make the strong Moon first by wearing gems or worshipping.
  2. If your Moon planet is weak then do strong by wearing gemstone white pearl. It should be an average of 10 to 12 rati.
  3. If your Mars planet is not a good position then wear gemstone red coral about 9 to 10 rati. Red coral gemstone
  4. Abortion and miscarriage in females is also the result of the influence of the Planet Mars positioning in Horoscope and can be averted by wearing Red coral.
  5. Do worship, chant Mantra and donation of all related malefic planets.
  6. Read every day Moon and Mars kwacha path at morning.
  7. You should read Bajrangban every day.
  8. Avoid spicy food.

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